Intuitive Creatures

After leaving the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) the recent graduates Paula (Spain), Dan (Uk), Chiara(Italy) and Roisin (Ireland) created an international comic-theatre company Intuitive Creatures.


Intuitive creatures: New theatre based on generosity and openness towards the audience.

The company creates characters that are driven by human passions and fragility. The main provocation when devising their shows is the search for the grotesque aspects of real live. They think of theese as a treasure to be discovered and not a shame to be hidden.

The narratives are absurd and over the top, which seems to Roisin, Dan , Chiara and Paula the most honest way to describe the world we live in.

The main aim of the theatre company is to present tragicomedy that is accessible and affordable for young and old theatre goers and non theatre goers everywhere.

Two shows were created in two years time: Lost Love and Intuit This, together with a wide variety of comedy nights that were show cased in the main Hall of an Old School (Tide Mill) in Deptford, part of a guardianship renting program.


INTUIT THIS was the full our show that Intuitive creatures toured around UK, achieving the recognition of both members of the audience and press.

“Hard to explain and impossible not to like”
***** Fringe Review

“Ludicrous humour at its best”
***** Broadway Baby

“A four piece deity of comedic genius”
​***** Performance Reviewed

“Each and every cast member is totally captivating and you will find it hard to look away”
**** A Younger Theatre